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The Heat and humidity can be
rough in North East Ohio.
Beat the heat with a new ozone friendly EPA
certified cooling system or heat pump. All of
our new 13 – 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy
Efficiency Ratio) systems come with a 10
year parts and labor warrantee.


We use our furnaces about 9
months a year in North East
Ohio. Don’t get left in the cold:
install a new 80% or 95% efficient gas
furnace or an ozone friendly, EPA certified
heat pump for maximum reliability and
energy savings.


Wait until you see our service
plans. Studies have shown
a properly maintained heating and cooling
system lasts longer and runs more efficiently
throughout its normal life. you can have
your equipment serviced for free every year
by qualified technicians.

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If you have been looking for a reliable HVAC company in Cleveland, we'd like to introduce you to BTU Comfort Solutions, Inc. Since we offer residential and commercial HVAC service you can work with us for any heating and cooling issues at home or at work. Satisfaction is our standard not our goal. We come to your home or business and provide a professional and experienced evaluation of your situation for a customized solution.

We don't stop there. Our installers and service technicians are qualified and experienced to install and service all new as well as your existing heating and cooling equipment. We follow our installations with a quality control audit to insure all of your questions are answered and you completely understand the operation of your new system. This assures that you have a quality installation and a positive experience with the project in your home or business.

Thanks for your interest. We are your one shop in Cleveland for all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Give us a call for every HVAC need; from furnace repair and installation in your home to large air conditioning unit installations for commercial buildings, we do it all.