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Heating Cleveland is no easy task in the cold months of winter, where nighttime temperatures often dip below 20 degrees. In fact, most Ohio residents use their heat for about nine months out of the year! This means that your home needs a heating unit in top notch condition. BTU Comfort Solutions can help you and your family to stay warm, as well as save money, by offering services such as furnace or heat pump repair, heating equipment installation, and energy audits,

It always seems like the furnace decides to stop working on the coldest day of the year... and at 2:00 in the morning. This can leave you panicking as you try to figure out who to call to keep your family safe in the dropping temperatures. Thankfully, our technicians are available 24 hours a day, and have experience with repairing all makes and models of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and radiators.

We offer up front pricing - this means that we quote a price before we begin work, and you will never pay a cent more than what we quoted. We also never charge by the hour. And because we stock our vans with tools, parts, and other necessary supplies, we can often fix the problem on the spot, and will have your home warm again in no time.

Sometimes, however, the heating system in your home is too old to keep up with your heating demands. Not only is it not heating your Cleveland home sufficiently, you are also likely losing a good amount of money in wasted energy costs. BTU Comfort Solutions offers 80 and 98 percent efficient gas furnaces, as well as ozone friendly, energy efficient heat pumps.

Heat pumps work just like your home's refrigerator, but in reverse. Instead of creating heat using gas and flame, like a furnace, they use a small amount of electricity to pull heat from the outside air and transfer it indoors. One major advantage to installing a heat pump - it can be used in the hot summer months to cool your home, as well. We offer a free consultation to help your family decide which kind of heating unit would best suit your home and family's needs.

An energy audit is an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of your home. Before you install a new HVAC system, furnace, or heat pump, it is highly recommend that you have an audit conducted. One of our qualified technicians come to your home and takes measurements of the rooms, which takes about 30 minutes. They use the information they gathered to help decide what type and model of heating unit would be the most efficient for the space in your home, which means energy savings for you down the line.

For more information about keeping your home and family toasty warm this winter, please contact BTU Comfort Solutions today! Our locally owned business has been proudly heating Cleveland for over 30 years.