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Having operated in Cleveland for many years, we at BTU Comfort Solutions truly understand what our clients really want when it comes to air conditioning. With a remarkable 20 years of experience as a Cleveland air conditioning business, we have what it takes to keep you comfortable. We are qualified, knowledgeable, and have vast experience when it comes to home cooling needs. We can install the most effective type of air conditioning system in your home. The best part is that we can be one of your most valuable assets when your air conditioning system breaks down.

What We Offer Our Clients

We offer quite an array of services to our clients in Cleveland. In fact we are one of the most respected Cleveland air conditioning service providers. Our list of satisfied customers makes us proud and gives us a reputation that we must live up to, every day.

AC Services

Summer in Cleveland can be uncomfortable, with heat and humidity the usual elements we all deal with. If your cooling system can�t battle the heat, it�s a good idea to contact the best AC repair and service company in the area, BTU Comfort Solutions. We�ve been providing vital cooling repair services for decades, and we can be one of your most valuable assets during the summer. Simply contact us and we�ll send a technician out immediately to come and evaluate your air conditioning system. Our experts will look for things such as leaks or any other issues that may be hindering your system from performing as required. If there are any repairs needed, our qualified technicians will ensure you get just that. In short, we will ensure your cooling unit does not surprise you with unexpected breakdowns.

Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioning system that breaks down often or does not perform to your expectations can cause not only discomfort, but distress as well. We at BTU Comfort Solutions will ensure you do not go through problems like this. We have qualified experts and technicians who will make sure you enjoy the best environment throughout the year. We have what it takes to keep your home comfortable.

Trust is an important factor when people select an HVAC company. We are a trustworthy Cleveland air conditioning company, and will ensure that our services satisfy you. While we�re happy to answer your service call anytime, it�s a good rule of thumb to get your air conditioner checked out before the start of the cooling season. Please give us a call at 440-398-9415 to schedule an appointment.